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My fave video of the moment: Oh Hell, I Married an Indiepop Girl

[video:] I’m not sure what neat Windows(R) software created this video, but even with the program I couldn’t have come up with a funnier indie-pop girl / husband sample conversation. For the love of Morrissey!!!  You’ll never be English, get over it. What should be the next video in this series?  A barista to boyfriend […]

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Another reason the Swedes Rule: Club 8

Today I think we've all earned some Swedish electronica spiced up indie-pop from Club 8. In case you didn't recognize their name from being listed in our review of the impeccably stellar incredible Labrador compilation, Club 8 has had a 12-year career of making music ranging from bedroom twee to dark soulful songs to shiny […]

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Labrador 100 – A Complete History Of Popular Music


When Sarah Records had their 100th record (actually just the 100th single), they held a huge party, a series of concerts, and shut down the label. Labrador Records of Sweden, who have been compared to Sarah, just released a 4 CD box set, and are carrying on, and on, and on. Not that Labrador is […]

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