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Does appoggiatura make you cry?

After Adele’s performance at the Grammy Awards, the Wall Street Journal ran an article scientifically explaining why her winning song “Someone Like You” brings so many listeners to tears. Apparently, all it takes to make people cry is something called “appoggiatura.” Throw a few of these ornamental notes on top of emotionally charged lyrics, and […]

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"08/09" from XL promises stellar year in releases

From M.I.A's "Kala" to Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and every musical tidbit in between, XL Recordings has released a cavalcade of music in the last year or so. Obviously, they're real darn excited over at XL, because they've put out a compilation, "08/09", of tracks they've been tinkering with and some they are prepping for release […]

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