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Video: It's fun to be imaginary!

{Yes, they are playing the song while riding a train!!! God bless IndieTracks!} This morning my ipod shuffle brought up Moustache of Insanity‘s “Imagine” and reminded me of the duo’s brilliance.  Even though they didn’t write this to be a Three Imaginary Girls theme song, I’m singing along with it today as if it was! […]

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Allo Darlin announce North American tour {first stop: Seattle on 5/24!!!}

[video:] Today will go down in history as the day my head exploded from late-May calendar excitement. First the amazing Sasquatch line-up was announced, and now, one my favorite bands ever of all everness just announced a North American tour with a Seattle date as their first stop! I’m sure you, just like me, think […]

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Imaginary Watch This: New Allo Darlin' songs

[video:] The mega-cool folks at Scared To Dance have not only recently published a fantastic installment of their wonderful zine {authentically photocopied and everything} flush with interviews {with Edwin Collins, Ballboy, and more}, but they recently posted two videos recorded at a recent Allo Darlin’ show in Oslo, letting us hear a couple new songs […]

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Keenan's Top 10 Songs of 2010 (with Videos)

It’s hard to believe 2010 is already over (which is probably why this list is so late), as it was one of the biggest and craziest years of my lifetime. I quit working full time to start a business with my fiance, and, as some of you know, mid-way through last year I decided it […]

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Imaginary Liz's favorite songs of 2010

It usually isn’t in my nature to go against the John Roderick grain, but when it comes to end of year lists of favorites, I can’t help myself. I have to gather all of my favorite songs into an MP3 scrapbook for my own current and future mental sanity. Perusing the song stacks of the […]

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Imaginary Mixtape {December, 2010 – part 2} featuring Eux Autres, Darren Hanlon, Allo Darlin, Sea of Bees, Math & Physics Club

It’s that time of year again: the time of year in which we can listen to “Last Christmas” without headphones and not get chastised by our coworkers.  It also gives us a time to sift through our holiday mixtapes and listen to our favorite bands get all holly jolly Christmas for us. Is there any […]

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A decadent night of indie-pop: Math and Phyics Club, Allo Darlin', and The Special Places

Show Date: October 29, 2010

{Photos by Steve Louie} Huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Rendezvous on Saturday, October 29, 2010 to welcome Allo Darlin’ to Seattle on their first visit to our fine city {full disclosure: the Three Imaginary Girls presented the show}. The sold-out show was filled with joy, even before the music began. With […]

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My Heart is a Drummer – making cuteness with Allo Darlin' and cardboard

In classic form, I find the perfect Halloween costume the days after the big dress up for the holiday-weekend.  Next year expect to find me in a large red cardboard heart possibly carrying a cardboard mandolin and singing “My Heart is a Drummer,” the latest single from the {amazing and brilliant} Allo Darlin’ album. Want […]

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Tonight is Allo Darlin' night at the Rendezvous

It’s no secret that 2010 is the year of Allo Darlin’.  Since the moment I, {like all my fellow indie-pop heartsters in town} heard the first sweet notes of the Allo Darlin’ debut full-length self titled album, I’ve wished on each falling star that they’d some day they’d bring their twee-liciousness to Seattle. Well Seattle, […]

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