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Best of 2007: Joseph Riippi's minima-lists

Anyone who knows me outside of the HTML world knows two things: I am a big guy. I don’t know my way around HTML very well. In order to thwart my big-guy status, I’ve done many things over time. First, I enjoy minimalist art a lot more than big, bombastic art. This carries to music […]

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Best of 2007: Erik G's favorite albums

Sometimes I think it takes me waaay too long to come up with my Top 20 albums of a given year. There are a lot of internal debates and arguments that really have no right answer. Really, you reach a point where all the albums are good but how to rank them gets to be […]

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"The Sighting" by Cujo

I had a dream last night that involved a lot of stalking down dark streets, fighting people off with swords and assorted weaponry and generally being on the lam from some sinister force. This is a recurrent dream of mine, not specifically this one, but the theme of being part of a resistance movement of […]

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Foley Room


It has been over a decade now since Brazilian DJ Amon Tobin started making some of the darkest, most seductive, and most invigorating electronic music in the world. All of his music has a cinematic feel as if its painting a scene that doesn’t exist yet, usually a scene that would be threatening and bleak, […]

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