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If you've spent any time working with kids, raising kids, or just watching kids' TV shows, you may agree with what I've seen during a handful of years teaching elementary school, and now having a young one of my own: there are three categories of music entertainment "for kids." Evil and Intent on Destroying All […]

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Touchdown Eagle to the Divorce: Bands vs. Bush

Show Date: October 10, 2003

How often does igDana get to a show by 6:35pm on a Friday to catch an opening band? Answer: never. That is, the answer was never until the Bands Against Bush show, and then the answer changed because Touchdown Eagle was playing second of the ten bands in the lineup. What motivated me to leave […]

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Best of 2003: Top 10 Local/Northwest Imaginary Albums of the Year

Since the top five on this list all also appear on our Top 10 overall imaginary albums of the year list, we’ve added some Honorable Mention local bands! #1 The Postal Service — Give Up (Sub Pop) Winning our imaginary best of 2003 by overwhelming majority, the Postal Service gorgeously blend the electronic delicacy of […]

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