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Art Brut show canceled tonight

Well, this really sucks. I just read on Neumos Twitter feed that tonight’s Art Brut show is canceled due to illness. Refunds are available at point of purchase. Fortunately, there are a lot of other things to do tonight (like The Rumble at the Crocodile, which is free, or Beardo, if you’re willing to brave […]

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Win tickets to see Art Brut

The staff at TIG doesn’t agree on many bands, but the closest we ever come to reaching consensus seems to be on Art Brut. Whether it’s singer Eddie Argos’ unique style of singing (which is neither irony, nor rock and roll) and hilarious lyrics or the kick-ass rock band behind him, most of us here seem to […]

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Imaginary Interview: Art Brut

Art Brut could very well be one the few bands that Imaginary Dana, Imaginary Liz and I agree on. Both live and on Memorex, they are one of the most enjoyable bands to listen to. Lead singer Eddie Argos doesn’t so much sing as wax poetically over punk rock instrumentation about varying topics, from working […]

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Art Brut vs. Satan


The primary complaint I’ve been hearing against Art Brut’s new album, Art Brut vs. Satan, is that it’s not as fantastic as their debut album but merely “good” or “great.”  Art Brut is a fantastic band and even their weakest material is head and shoulders above most other bands out there today. Bang Bang Rock […]

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New Art Brut video: "Alcoholics Unanimous"

One of the albums I've been most anxious for this spring is Art Brut's Black Francis-produced Art Brut vs. Satan, which finally hits record stores today. The band just released a video to the first single "Alcoholics Unanimous" and I've been digging it so far. Art Brut will be back in Seattle on Saturday, June […]

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Art Brut's T-Mobile Commercial

I spent all morning trying to find an embeddable (is that even a word?) version of Art Brut's T-Mobile commerical that aired during the Grammys last night to no avail. I guess it's for the best because I do accept money on a regular, bi-weekly basis from one of T-Mobile's competitors, but if you want […]

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What Christmas songs are you enjoying right now?

If you're not already sick of Christmas music (and who could blame you if you were?), are there any songs this holiday that you are especially enjoying? Here are 15 videos that are making my holiday season just a little bit more tolerable, in no particular order: Harvey Danger – Sometimes You Have to Work […]

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