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What Christmas songs are you enjoying right now?

If you're not already sick of Christmas music (and who could blame you if you were?), are there any songs this holiday that you are especially enjoying? Here are 15 videos that are making my holiday season just a little bit more tolerable, in no particular order: Harvey Danger – Sometimes You Have to Work […]

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Finally, the government hits the pop charts

Here's your weekly dose of what the rest of the planet is listening to these days, and boy, it's fun! Our friends in Maroon 5 have supplanted Linkin Park at #1, selling nearly half-a-million copies of their new collection of song It Can't be Soon for Long (oh those clever boys!). Does anyone else think […]

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AstroPOP! for August 2003

Imaginary rock and roll astrology CD reviews for August 2003 Leo {July 23-August 22} Ah, summer! The long, hot days, the glare of the sun, the constant sweating. It's ok to admit it, Leo, you hate summer. You want to crawl into a hole dark and deep enough to beat the heat until we set […]

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