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Santa John Roderick. Photo credit: Laura Duffy

I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape…

Remember when the “news” made claim that a Christmas song by the Shins had overtaken Mariah Carey’s holiday anthem as the “the most played holiday song?” Although I love the Shins, their version of a Paul McCartney holiday song, and the idea of it being the #1 holiday song, I’ve always been a tad suspect. […]

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Celebrating a GR8 day with Hutch and Kathy, Bears, and my other favorite things

It's not often someone who isn't wearing hot glitter pink nail polish is allowed to use GR8 in a sentence (let alone as a blog title) but with today being 08/08/08 I think it's use is permitted. Tomorrow? Good luck. I wanted to start the calendarly special day with an eight infused pack of goodness. […]

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Please go to the Bears show at the Crocodile on Thursday because I can't and I'm quite sad about it

Blissful indiepop at the Croc tomorrow! I'm heading out of town tomorrow morning (to the Athens PopFest if you haven't heard) and the only thing I'm truly sad about is missing while I'm gone is the Bears / MiniVan / Commodore Duchess show on Thursday at the Crocodile. I've been waiting for a long time […]

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