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Three movie things to do this week: Blood, Sweat, and The FP

Back from SXSW last week, and I feel I have a lot of movie watching catching up to do. It seems as if Seattle theaters are stuffed with interesting things to checkout. This weekend isn't making things any easier. I've tried to narrow down to three sets of suggestions – but it wasn't easy. In the […]

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Three Imaginary Films to see: Tarantino violence, Paul Giamatti brilliance, and a Travolta impersonator

Inglorious Basterds: I’m a total Tarantino devotee, so of course I’ve been waiting for this thing FOREVER and am super-excited it’s finally here. I’m a little unsure about the casting, but I’m willing to give it a chance. QT hasn’t disappointed me yet (I’m one of those people who loves Jackie Browne), and I’m definitely […]

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