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SIFF 2013 Preview: Face the Music

Hello, Imaginaries! This year’s Face the Music program at the Seattle International Film Festival contains some music documentaries I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!! You can buy passes to SIFF now, and inividual tickets go on sale this week on Thursday, 5/2. And so, let us (stage) dive in: First up: a few special events put […]

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Countdown to the Royal Wedding! Let's talk {indie-rock} royal couples

The world is a buzz with Royal Wedding chatter… and I am all for it. I love talking about royal matchings, probably because of all my fond memories of the glory days when Damon {Albarn of Blur} and Justine {Frischmann of Elastica} ruled the Britpop scene. These days I get to fantasize of the regal […]

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Radical or Pro-Parental?

An alternate title to this post was going to be "Girls Exposed to Rock 'N Roll at Rock 'N Roll Camp for Girls". Here's the story: a woman took her 8 year old daughter to the Rock 'N Roll Camp for Girls this summer and was outraged that her daughter came home with a Bikini […]

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