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Photo Essay: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death From Above 1979, and Deap Vally at Showbox SODO

Show Date: October 20th, 2016 It’s been a long time since Seattle last saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. TOO LONG. This time around they co-headlined with Death From Above 1979 for what could be the most fiercely rocking and wordiest tour of all time.  Deap Vally Deap Vally opened the night with darkly thick guitar […]

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Tonight: The Whigs and BRMC at the Showbox

[video:] I’m usually quite hesitant to recommend shows that have already sold out, but I’m quite excited for tonight’s show at the Showbox with The Whigs and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It is a really good pairing because both are garage rock bands that are smart enough to know better than trying to reinvent the wheel. The […]

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Baby 81


When I was recently driving back from the coast, “Red Eyes & Tears” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club came up on my iPod and it got me thinking: What sort of career arc has BRMC had since the release of their acclaimed debut BRMC? It prompted me to fumble with my iPod while I sped […]

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My favorite three Bumbershoot photos, by photographer Michael Alan Goldberg

We've seen so many amazing photos of Bumbershoot come in over the weekend, it's been hard to choose which ones to use. So we thought we'd ask some of our favorite local photographers to pick their personal three favorites from their weekend's work and to share them with the rest of the imaginary class. Here […]

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Bumbershoot 2007: I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Twice! (* but they were fully clothed)

Show Date: September 2, 2007

The choice to book Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to play Bumbershoot this year was inspired, putting them on the main stage, even better. Putting the rockingest main stage band on at the most un-rock and roll time of 1:15 pm: a little curious to say the least. Memorial Stadium can swallow lesser bands alive. If […]

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Bumbershoot Day 2, three photo recap!

Here I am, all ready to dive in for Day 3 of Bumbershoot — and I haven't even written up all the amazing shows from yesterday, Yes, dear readers, I've been lapped! But ready to read more about these bands… Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Photo by Eduardo Brambila Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Photo by Michael […]

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From the trenches at Bumbershoot, Day 2

I'm here in the press room with ChrisB, comparing notes from today's shows and posting new articles and photos as fast as we can. So far, so good! I started my day off with Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (SO LOVEY I WANT TO BITE THEIR HEADS!!) and Mono in VCF, while ChrisB caught the Trucks […]

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