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My fave video of the moment: Oh Hell, I Married an Indiepop Girl

[video:] I’m not sure what neat Windows(R) software created this video, but even with the program I couldn’t have come up with a funnier indie-pop girl / husband sample conversation. For the love of Morrissey!!!  You’ll never be English, get over it. What should be the next video in this series?  A barista to boyfriend […]

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Road trip alert: Slumberland Records' 20th Anniversary Parties in LA and San Francisco

{photo via page} There are few things I love more than taking indie pop related trips, and thankfully, Slumberland Records have gifted me with the perfect indie pop daydreamer’s vacation complete with bands I never thought I’d get to see. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they’re throwing two identical shows, one in San Francisco […]

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So much free indie pop!

    Our dear friends over at Indiepages have posted their top 40 songs of the year (split up between EPs and LPs of course) for free download! So much free music! The list includes some local favorites like Young Sportsmen, Speaker Speaker, Lake, BOAT, and Your Heart Breaks, as well as tracks from indie […]

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Short attention span songs

I love it when folks get right to the point. Got a hook? Give it to me right away! No need to noodle around and skirt around the chorus – hop to it! Finally, a podcast that fulfills my need for instant gratification. Since the folks at Not Quite Rocket Science began their podcasting a […]

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Ltd Ed. Vinyl = Happy Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Oh how the indie-pop kids are SO hard to buy for. The minute they find something they like, it goes out of print (or out of stock of their size). Finally – the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for vinyl loving friend (let me know if you need my mailing address). note: the first 150 subscribers […]

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No Parachute: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos


This is easily the best compilation of current various independent rock bands I have seen. That said, one must admit that there aren't that many indie video compilations anymore anyways. The rock video seemed to become passe in the music underground with the rise of turgid emo-pop and tepid R&B-based promotional pabulum spread over the […]

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AstroPOP! for July-August 2005

Our monthly imaginary horoscope told in album reviews, for July-August 2005 AstroPOP! is brought to you with musical reviews by igDana, igLiz, stella, jenncassie, and igChar. Aries You're always on the move Aries one, but this month you are actually going to be experiencing a physical move of some sort. Sure it will be hard […]

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