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Happy Sweet 16 Endfest! {page 2}

Show Date: September 22, 2007

****************************************** Endfest 2007: Page 1 >> | Page 2 | Page 3 >> ****************************************** Ok, ok. Oh man! Minus the Bear — one of my favorites! Ever since catching these guys earlier in the year at Sasquatch, I’ve been hooked. The crazy Knudson tapping solos, time changes, and romantic lyrics are almost too much for […]

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Finally, the government hits the pop charts

Here's your weekly dose of what the rest of the planet is listening to these days, and boy, it's fun! Our friends in Maroon 5 have supplanted Linkin Park at #1, selling nearly half-a-million copies of their new collection of song It Can't be Soon for Long (oh those clever boys!). Does anyone else think […]

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Straight from the horse's mouth, Silversun Pickups to play FNX Best Music Poll in Boston

Just got this on MySpace. SSPU = WOO! Some of the other bands (esp. Cinematics) = MOO. But still the closest thing we've got here in Boston to a major-name festival, although as I recall this event is a coinciding series of shows, so like you really can only catch two or three bands cause […]

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