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Imaginary Mixtape: Shuffle Surprise!

You know that point when your iTunes gets so filled up with awesome stuff that you can't possibly listen to everything that's in there with any kind of regularity? Where, like, you put it on shuffle and then you hear a song and you're all, "OHHHH right, I love this song! But I forgot about […]

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Bring back the sun (??!!) with Imaginary Amie's Summer Mixtape

Ahhh….summer. There’s nothing quite like cranking up a bouncy, happy song on a sunny day – whether you’re in a car with the top down, or taking a sunshiny sidewalk stroll with your earphones firmly in place. Sadly, once again this summer,  the sunny days in Seattle have been few and far between (Hello, July?). Here’s […]

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Recommended show: The Brunettes w/Throw Me the Statue & Nurses tonight at The Vera Project

Okay, guys. Here’s the thing: I am writing this recommendation based solely on my love for The Brunettes. We’ve mentioned Throw Me the Statue here on TIG a few times before and I’m sure they’re a mighty fine band, and uh, Nurses sound great too, but my point is – GO. SEE. THE. BRUNETTES. They’re […]

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CMJ 2007: Part 1

Show Date: November 27, 2020

Each fall, countless college radio staffers and music industry insiders descend on NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon, a five-day bonanza of rock shows during which in all certainty you will miss many of the bands you went to see due to scheduling conflicts and filled-to-capacity venues. In turn, you end up discovering some band […]

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The Lucksmiths, their shows in NYC TONIGHT, and reality TV!

Looks like this lil tour of the Lucksmiths has brought out all kinds of folks exclaiming their praises… which means now there's more folks signing our petition to have them tour the states perpetually for the next five years (or at least take up residency in the Pacific Northwest for a year or so). Wouldn't […]

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CMJ initial line-up announced; Betsy finally gets her festival excitement

You West Coasters get all the fun. That is, until autumn comes around and the CMJ Music Marathon takes place in NYC, assuring me a week of sleep deprivation and rock exhiliration. Below is the preliminary list, which probably only accounts for about 10% of the total number of bands that will be playing. Not […]

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