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No Chiefs Allowed Tour: Busdriver, Dizzee Rascal, and El-P

Show Date: May 19, 2008

Underground hip hop was the first genre of independent music that I experienced. While working in the music department of a big box east Texas store, my washed-up hip-hop-o-phile boss drug me to his beat up Honda Accord on breaks to school me on DJ Shadow, Company Flow, De La Soul, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, […]

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Win tickets to see El-P, Dizzee Rascal and Busdriver at Neumos!

Hip-hop doesn't get much better than grime/ragga Brit Dizzee Rascal, former Company Flow vet El-P and gritty LA rapper Busdriver. And…. YOU CAN WIN TICKETS TO SEE THEM next Monday night (May 19th) at Neumos! Email us at tig @ with the subject line "MakeMeDizzee" before 12p on Friday, May 16th and you'll be […]

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Best of 2007: Erik G's favorite albums

Sometimes I think it takes me waaay too long to come up with my Top 20 albums of a given year. There are a lot of internal debates and arguments that really have no right answer. Really, you reach a point where all the albums are good but how to rank them gets to be […]

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"Secret Skin" by Busdriver

Well, this is my last iPod Roulette spin for a few weeks as I jet off to the continent for an conference. You’ll be enjoying a variety of guest spinners until I get back – I’m sure it will all be very refreshing to not have to hear me prattle on every day about how […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: CSS at Neumo's (Noise for the Needy benefit)

I don't remember a show going through as many lineup changes as this one. Brazilian band Bonde do Role was quietly replaced on the bill by a band called Busdriver; Matt and Kim said last week that they couldn't make it to Seattle this time and the posters and ads stopped mentioning Natalie Portman's Shaved […]

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