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Kim Warnick is awesome. Photos from the Cali Giraffes Facebook page.

Recommended Tuesday Night Fun: DJ Kim Warnick at Revolver Bar

The holiday party season is upon us – and let’s face it, we’ve all been in full on rum ball mode since at least last Friday. Or at least we’ve wanted to be. Let’s keep the festive train going strong with Tuesday night festivities at Revolver Bar (in Capitol Hill). Kim Warnick is going to […]

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Summer lovin’, had me some jams!

I recommend all these tunes because apparently I can't stop playing 'em: here's a quick alphabetical assessments of what's been hummin' in my iPod on Metro the past few weeks! The Blank Tapes, "Coast To Coast" from the album Vacation A little Zombies-meets-Badfinger surf hippie flower power pop from this (not surprising) SoCal band. The Blank […]

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Imaginary Spotlight: The Calligraphers / The Cali Giraffes

(Ed note: Since this was originally published, the band’s name actually morphed into The Cali Giraffes – so look them up under calig in your record store bin.) Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around Seattle about the return of Fastbacks/Visqueen rock goddess Kim Warnick to the stage in the form of a […]

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