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Only a few days left to support TIG’s indiegogo campaign – we’d love your help!

Almost a month ago, on June 10, 2015, Three Imaginary Girls celebrated our 13th birthday! On that same day, we launched an indiegogo campaign to help usher in the next era of TIG: to raise enough funds to help with a big tech project and to keep the imaginary ship afloat. With the help of […]

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Athens Popfest 2010 lineup announced

Today is like Christmas morning for indie pop nerds. Today, I am giddy as hell because THE ATHENS POPFEST LINEUP HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! I’ve compared Athens Popfest before to indie pop summer camp, but basically, it’s the best week out of the year for anyone who loves indie pop. And this year {August 10-14, 2010}, […]

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A roadtrip to Athens, GA… and other things going on this weekend

Tomorrow morning, before the crack of dawn, I’ll be headed to Atlanta, GA to visit my mom and sister for the weekend (they moved there a few years back, after I had already survived a Delaware childhood). Besides getting to visit with the fams, I am elated that my mom agreed to not only transport […]

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Athens Popfest 2010 first lineup announcement!

{Robert Schneider from the Apples In Stereo from Athens Popfest 2008} We here at TIG have been crushing out over Athens Popfest for years. I’ve been every year since 2006 and Liz went in 2005 and 2007. It’s pretty much always the best week of the year, fusing together amazing indie pop, delicious food (seriously, […]

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Doubly Unbeatable


I love this band. A small dual-ponytailed post-feminist rageaholic ranter frontwoman (Becky Brooks) and her penis-obsessed drummer male band partner (Nate Mitchell), coming off like twisted moral libertarians creating zines in their trailer on the edge of a Southern state industrial lot, meth fumes leaking in from the bikers next door, various poseurs buried in […]

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Athens Popfest 2008 – Day Two

Show Date: August 14, 2008

Playing first (2pm) on a very long string of bands is always a difficult feat (especially when most folks had been out until 3am the previous night), but St. Louis’ That’s My Daughter brought their Ramones meets Fastbacks meets Bunnygrunt (the band featured Mario-grunt on guitar and guested Matt-grunt on lead vocals for a song) […]

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Athens PopFest 2007: Day 3 with Fishboy, Cars Can Be Blue, Daniel Johnston and more…

Show Date: August 11, 2007

Black Kids were the surprise of the PopFest. And I'm not alone in my Black Kids adulation–everyone in my 8-person group was screaming "I LOVE BLACK KIDS" after their show. They were the opening band on this, the final day of the PopFest and their quick wit banter was disarming and hilarious. Their songs were […]

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