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Photos from last Friday's The Lonely Forest / Telekinesis / The Globes show

Show Date: November 27, 2009

“Watching The Globes at the Showbox. Holy crow and OMG.” Chris Walla’s Twitter post during The Globes‘ set was just a sign of things to come. Not only was the Death Cab for Cutie guitarist in attendance to show support for three of his favorite (local) bands, but he later joined Telekinesis on stage as […]

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Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 TIG Editorial Picks

TIG staffers are a lot like you — coming up with our list of faves for the year is a fun and gripping process. After comparing/contrasting/debating our individual favorites, we figured the sum of our imaginary parts would make for an interesting list. While ChrisB and Keenan, among other things, brought in the power-pop elements,  […]

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Best of 2008: it's half-yearly check-in time

As of today, we’re officially in the second half of 2008. Welcome! To gear you up for another fabulous six months of local Northwest releases, we here at imaginary headquarters have brainstormed an imaginary mix for all of you, containing some of our favorite songs by Northwest artists released this year to date thus far. […]

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Top 50 Imaginary keywords this month

Ever wonder how people come to find Three Imaginary Girls? I like to geek out over such things, and happily, Google Analytics provides me with all the keyword deets I need. Some of the search terms were predictable (like, um, "three imaginary girls" as the top hit). And we always see a good number of […]

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Field Manual


Hello, Imaginary Readers. Meet Chris Walla: The “Cutie” for whom the Death Cab drives. He’s your new best friend. I’ve been anticipating this record for a long time. Chris Walla has been a favorite name of mine for years, whether as producer or musician or band member. Ever since first hearing to the difference between […]

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Chris Walla's Manual of Style, FREE SAMPLE!

Anyone else excited about the coming release of Chris Walla's infamously confiscated-at-the-border new record, Field Manual? I have to say, I've been listening to the promo the last few days and getting into writing a rather both-sides-of-the-equation review right now. Let's just say that if this is the sort of thing he's doing on his […]

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Chris Walla to release solo record, even though US Customs confiscated his hard drive

Death Cab for Cutie guitar player/producer Chris Walla will release his debut solo full-length Field Manual on January 29, 2008, on Barsuk Records. This would be news enough… but this release has an interesting and political history. As has been documented here and here and here, and in about a zillion other online places in […]

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