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Love's Not Impossible: My Top Ten Songs of 2012

We had to have some good tunes to get us through a year of watching a psychopathic plutocrat trying to pitch us back into the black and white world of fifties-era paranoia and imperialism. That victory against vileness confirmed, going back over the songs that made us swoon for the past few months is very […]

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Fall rotation: The Pharmacy, The Coup, Dum Dum Girls, Doug Stanhope, King Tuff

Autumn is a favorite, TIG-cherished time of year, but that isn't necessarily good for new music for me: I am a sentimental bastard and tend to pull out worn-down LPs by my long-time sources of melancholic joy, rather than creeping the current release racks for song-buzz. Besides that, this year Sean Rowe's summer-released The Salesman […]

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AstroPOP! for May-June 2006

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Taurus is full of life, vivacious, often brilliant, but ultimately so healthy she may scare lovers with frail psyches. Mountain Con's new album Sancho Panza is full of challenges to those weak in intellect, faith, and the ability to dance off their problems. The band is from originally from […]

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