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MFNW recap: the pre-weekend edition, part I — David Bazan, Rocky Votolato, and more!

Musicfest, Musicfest Northwest, M-F-N-Dubs, Baby SouthBy — whatever you want to call it, this past weekend’s slew of shows down in Portland were nothing short of an absolute blast. We ran rampant through the quadrants for four days straight, shooting every show we could get our hands on, swooning exponentially more as each night passed. […]

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Countdown to Musicfest Northwest in 3… 2…

Technically, you can get your Musicfest Northwest (MFNW) on starting tonight — there will be a few gigs going on around town down in Portland to warm up the masses — but our imaginary coverage will officially begin tomorrow and we can’t hardly wait!  There’s quite a few acts and sorta-showcases that we’re espcially stoked […]

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A very imaginary Labor Day Weekend: Bumbershoot!

Somehow, in the avalanche of amazing bands at Seattle Center this past weekend, we managed to scrawl some furious notes on a fistful of locals and indie bands that brought the noise / love / ache / bliss. Here’s a few of our picks to start the best-of Bumbershoot chatter that we’d like to share, […]

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It's time to prefunk! Music Fest Northwest is coming, September 8-12

[video:] While everyone is prefunking Bumbershoot, we’d like to take a moment to officially get the prefunk to the prefunk for Music Fest Northwest going. Starting today. If you’ve never been, MFNW is like a crazier, spread-out-ier Bumbershoot — spanning four days and venues all over town — or a tinier, cleaner SXSW. Minus […]

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Wednesday's recommended show: David Bazan at the Triple Door

Let’s just jump right in: You’d best get yourselves to the Triple Door this Wednesday, July 28th for the latest installment of the City Arts Song Show. David Bazan will be headlining, along with pre-sets from THEESatisfaction and Ritchie Young (frontman for Portland’s Loch Lomond) — and we can pretty much guarantee that you won’t […]

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Doe Bay Festival 2009: Spirit Hike

Show Date: August 14, 2009

The Second Annual Doe Bay Festival was a magical experience up on Orcas Island. A music festival like no other, and likely the closest thing to the free-loving style of the 60’s that I’m likely to experience. the Long Winters As noted in the Doe Bay Bible, festival program, it was 40 years ago that […]

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Mark your calendars for the Doe Bay Music Festival, August 14 & 15

I was going to wait until it got a little closer to the event before mentioning this here but I hear that tickets are selling very fast and would hate for it to sell out before any of our readers heard about this great event. As someone who does most of their recreational traveling based […]

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Suicide Squeeze Records Announces 7” Series

There's few things that get my heart racing like limited edition vinyl delivered right to my home. The folks at Suicide Squeeze Records have put together a 7” Series for 2008 that will do just that. Their 2008 series looks like it's going to be fantastic! So far they've promised limited edition 7"s HEALTH, The Coathangers, School […]

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Join us Chop Suey this SUNDAY for the Unscrew the Croc Employees Benefit

Even though we're in the midst of a celebratory time of year, the shock of the sudden closing of the legendary Crocodile Cafe is still with us. To help the stellar group employed there who found themselves suddenly without income, Chop Suey and Three Imaginary Girls have assembled a benefit show for those fine Ex-Croc […]

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