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The Decemberists are — well, they're everywhere.

For the love of all things verbose, our lyrically adept Northwest neighbors are certainly going at it full-force these days. Seriously. The Decemberists are currently about to do a full album performance at SXSW, a simultaneous NPR live stream, plus side projects, poster contests, track releases, special vinyl issues, and listening parties (and autograph sessions) […]

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Photo Essay: Loch Lomond & Decemberists at the Moore

Show Date: November 30, 2008

I had only heard good things of Portland native band Loch Lomond from an aficionado folk fiend friend at Reed College. There were A LOT of people and instrument onstage at the Moore on this night. Saxophones, accordions- they had it all and they certainly knew how to use 'em! I was blown away by […]

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"A Smattering of Distant Applause Is Ringing in My Poor Ears" – Decemberists News

According to the Decemberists newsletter, fans will be (50 cent word inserted here in honor of Mr. Meloy) ebullient to learn of the release of the 3rd and final volume of Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series, featuring the (seasonally appropriate) singles "Record Year for Rainfall" and "Raincoat Song." Also of note, their 4th LP, The Hazzards of […]

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From Crane Wife to Bridesmaid

On October 14, the Decemberists will begin releasing the first of their three-part single series entitled, Always the Bridesmaid, available in both digital and 12" options. Volume I features the tracks "O New England" and "Valerie Plame," the latter of which is slated for performance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, the day before the […]

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