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It’s finally over! The inaugural Upstream Music Festival took on a monumentally intense roster of 300+ bands, three days of summit, and the task of actually getting audiences down to Pioneer Square to enjoy it. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Did your bag get to attend? Here are our thoughts…. Team Birthday […]

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Timber! lineup announced, tickets on sale Tuesday 2/25

Set a calendar reminder for next Tuesday, friends — tickets for the second annual Timber! Outdoor Music Festival are going on sale at 10am, and you're not going to want to miss it. (We say that a lot here at Three Imaginary Girls, but really, you're going to want to get on this ASAP.) The […]

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KEXP's annual BBQ on Saturday

Ideally summertime is all about getting sweaty and silly at free outdoor music shows. And guess who sticks to their ideals? Our provider of independent, new music, KEXP. Their summer concert series at the Mural Amphitheater in Seattle Center is running over the next few weeks to bring you a plethora of pitch-perfect bands for […]

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Best of 2007: Erik G's favorite songs

OK, well, nobody likes to reflect and rank more than I do (I’m a scientist, I love to quantify), so here goes. I’ve got my favorite songs of 2007 – no, not best or most innovative, but rather the songs I liked … lots and lots and lots. There is a little overlap from my […]

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It has been almost 20 years since J Mascis and Lou Barlow recorded as the venerable Dinosaur Jr. Sure, Mascis carried on with the Dinosaur Jr. moniker while Barlow formed a band you might have heard of called Sebadoh, but listening to Beyond you wonder why they ever split up and what took them so […]

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The Ephemeral Nature of Success

Back in the day, before Billboard introduced the Soundscan method to making charts (meaning every time you buy an album, the sale is uploaded into the vast Billboard database of Evil, called "B-Devil" for short), album sales were "tallied" by each retailer and submitted to Billboard. This meant that most albums would slowly rise up […]

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Greatest Indie Anthems

Just because it is now officially NME Thursday and everyone loves themed lists, how about we talk about the Greatest Indie Anthems ever… and what NME / Xfm and the general UK public think they are. The top 50 Greatest Indie Anthems as listed in NME:1. Oasis – 'Live Forever'2. Nirvana – 'Smells Like Teen […]

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New releases for the week, from Easy Street Records

My mother always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don'tsay anything at all!" So… I will refrain from anything more than Tori andFeist have new records. That said, I am super stoked about the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aswell as Dinosaur Jr… As for the new releases by Robbie Fulks […]

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