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Imaginary '02 Recap!

Hey kids! It’s the end of ’02, so welcome to the first ever Imaginary Recap. Hold onto your seats kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy year-long ride of favorite, in triplicate. Because the best things always happen in threes (ho ho ho…) {And yes, we have included shameless promotion links to our affliated Insound and […]

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Bumbershoot 2002: The Imaginary Highlights

Show Date: September 3, 2002

You remember when we did 14 shows in 14 nights? Hold on to your bonnet kids, at this year's Bumbershoot music festival — we witnessed 17 shows in four days. Following you will find a recap of the stuff we scribbled down in our trusty notebooks while running from venue to venue: Greatest Rockstar Moments: […]

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The Drop

Show Date: August 30, 2002

I recently attended tHe drop's incendiary Bumbershoot performance at EMP's Skychurch. Unable to contact the band for comment, I decided instead to sit down and talk with a RANDOM FAN at the show. The first person I found, Michael X., seemed a perfect candidate, mainly because none of my questions came as a surprise to […]

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