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"08/09" from XL promises stellar year in releases

From M.I.A's "Kala" to Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and every musical tidbit in between, XL Recordings has released a cavalcade of music in the last year or so. Obviously, they're real darn excited over at XL, because they've put out a compilation, "08/09", of tracks they've been tinkering with and some they are prepping for release […]

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IG Shrie's Top Ten Plus Plus!

2008 was an interesting musical, and personal, year for me. I listened to a lot of indie rock, electronica and went to a shit-ton of shows (one of which was the best I've ever seen, thanks Of Montreal). I got engaged, interned at two places, continued working full time and started going to school part […]

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El Guincho Unleashes the World on Nectar

Show Date: November 24, 2008

I've been praising the inspired calypso-trance work of El Guincho for months now. The transcendent, global feel of his album Alegranza! outshines any other album that I've gotten my grubby lil fingers on this year. Exotic tropicalia mashed together with rotating sample loops and pulsating body rockin' rhythms made for a refreshing live experience at […]

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In college I took a world music class, having only heard a bit of Indian music and some African drumming at the time. Not only did I learn about musicology, I learned how to play a thumb piano, count in the cyclical fluid way that Indians keep time and even had my spin at African […]

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Super duper Spanish tropicalia band crush

I just got engaged (Yay Me!), and while I'm starry eyed over that, what is really making me swoon is Spanish artist El Guincho, otherwise known as Pablo Díaz-Reixa. His mix of Spanish Tropicalia, Afro-Beat, interlocking percussion rhythms, organic tribal chanting, silvery guitar flourishes and exquisite pop ambient song structures make me weak in the […]

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