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Is this any way to run a career? Or why you should see Estelle on Monday night at the Showbox

I remember last Bumbershoot (really, it wasn'tĀ even months ago) and seeing the British R&B/pop star Estelle's fantastic performance. Her single "American Boy" was on its way to becoming a bonafide hit. I had listened to it plenty of times on YouTube but realized that I never bothered to download the song. I went back to […]

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Lily Allen covers The Clash with Mick Jones, Hold Steady covers Bruce…

I know we just got done with the 2008 lists, but this one's clamoring for my top compilation spot for '09 already! Not only is the track list out of the stratosphere, but a portion of the proceeds go to charity, too. Read on (bracketed emphasis mine, obvi): WAR CHILD ANNOUNCE HEROES FULL TRACK LIST […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: Day 1

Show Date: August 30, 2008

Bumbershoot is a musical extravaganza, spanning the three-day Labor Day weekend with more bands, arts, and elephant ears than anyone can possibly capture. We had a posse of imaginary writers (ChrisB, Chris Estey, imaginary elle, imaginary dana, and Cory), and photographers (Chona, Kyle, Nathan, and Andrew) all over Seattle Center, trying to capture the frenzy […]

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