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KEXP Audioasis Showcase: This One's For the Girls

Show Date: May 6, 2006

The KEXP Audioasis showcases are an investment of time and energy, and not an undertaking for the fickle show-goer. Why, you ask? For the uninitiated, here's how it works: KEXP presents an all local showcase the first Saturday of each month at The High Dive, and each month they select a different charity to support. […]

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Top 50 Northwest Releases of 2004: the Imaginary Readers' Poll Results {30-21}

#30 Robb Benson — The Tree Mind (Roam Records) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}     #29 Viva Voce — Heat Can Melt Your Brain (Minty Fresh) {official website} * {buy it}     #28 Pleasurecraft — Lost Patterns (Pleasurecraft Music) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}     #27 […]

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This album from Seattle's The Fading Collection is a curious and clever series of remixes from the songs originally found on the album Interactive Family Radio. Remixers include members of Dahlia, Beehive, Kuma, and others. The thing to keep in mind about remixes is that it's important to have a good base from which to […]

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Seattle Alki Music Festival!

Show Date: August 10, 2003

The entire weekend flew past in a blur of sunscreen, fish 'n chips, and rock and roll. A few imaginary highlights, in order of appearance… tart Argo Silver Surfer The Senate Arcade Ms. Led NuSol Tribe Cee-lo The Ruby Doe The Lawnmowers The Fading Collection From the Icy Coast Downpilot tart "It's time to hear […]

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