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Sasquatch 2014_Lawn

Sasquatch 2014, Day 1

Show Date: May 23, 2014

This year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival, taking place at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater, was originally scheduled to be split between two separate weekends the second incarnation slated to take place over 4th of July). While that never ended up materializing, we were still left with a fantastic three days of music — the weather stayed nice […]

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This weekend's picks for City Arts Fest, version 1.0

Now that summer’s officially 86’d, it’s time for the inaugural (hereafter annual?) City Arts Fest, which takes over our fair city this upcoming Wednesday – Saturday {Oct. 20th – 23rd}. Laden with an impressive lineup at venues far and wide, CAF is catering to more of the mini-SXSW feel that makes these ‘festivals’ enjoyable — […]

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Sub Pop 20: Foals

Show Date: July 13, 2008

“The weekend has been great! I haven’t seen a single shitty band yet!” I told drummer of Foals Jack Bevon backstage nearby the Marymoor Mansion early Saturday afternoon. “Oh,” he said contemplatively with an apologetic laugh. “Wait until you see us tomorrow.” This kind of humorous self deprecation exponentially increased my infatuation with the collective […]

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Foals are one of those bands seems better on paper. Maybe it is because they're kind of on the back side of a trend. Yes, they're dancerock, they're part of the British new wave revival, taking bits and pieces of punk, early '90s dance and modern rock, blending it all together. Sure, it is catchy, […]

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Vote in the NME USA music awards. Or not.

NME is sponsoring the first-ever NME Awards USA. I just tried going over to their website to read about the nominees, and when voting ends, but apparently you need to be a registered user to see the information. And that's completely lame. So I won't be voting. If you don't have the same online editorial […]

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