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New releases for the week, from Easy Street Records

Well, it's another week (weak) of re-issues, remixes, and scraps. Gorillaz is putting out a album of D-Sides. I'm not even sure what a D-Side is! The NIN remix CD actually looks interesting with remixes of songs from Year Zero by Ladytron, Kronos, and many more. Amy Winehouse has finally released her debut CD Frank […]

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Gorillaz vibrators?

I'm not even sure what to say, so I'll just copy and paste from this article. A series of vibrators inspired by Gorillaz are in the pipeline, it has been announced. The expensive sex toys have been designed by Jamie Hewlett, the artistic force behind the international pop phenomenon. He is working with the vibrator […]

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Gorillaz in the Mist

Well, Damon Albarn must be bored with yet another project. According to NME, Albarn says that we've seen the last of the Gorillaz in album form – the only thing left is a potential film directed by Terry Gilliam (which is exciting in itself). Oddly though, the cartoon kids from the Gorillaz might not play […]

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