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Best Zines of 2012: Cometbus, Mineshaft, The Prince Zine, and more

The volunteer-run, all-ages Vera Project at the Seattle Center recently hosted two Saturday celebrations of arty, musicy, writerly, printerly, poetry, baked sweet-nums creativity and I hung out at both, deflating my wallet for a huge stack of small press goodies. I do this whenever I can hit a Vera-sponsored craft thang, the most recent being […]

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Legendary NW rock band D.O.A. release DVD autobiography

When old school Seattle punk-metal icon Duff McKagan wrote about punk rock at the Seattle Weekly a couple of weeks ago, he gave a little list of bands he considers essential to the canon. Though it wasn’t specifically numerical in importance, the phenomenon-by-response stack of heroes began with The Ramones (good choice), then The Clash […]

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"In the End" by Green Day

It's either funny or pretty predictable that a large number of my high-school punk-rock memories involve truancy of some form or another. Maybe I just took that Skip Off School to See the Damned album title to heart a little too much. One of the first discussions I ever had about punk rock and major-label […]

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MTV continues to scare me

I know you've all been waiting for it and here it is: MTV has announced the nominees for its annual suck-up-fest, the Video Music Awards! Rather than post them all here, I'll let you visit the slick MTV website that caused my browser to be unhappy, but I'll make a few comments for my… er… […]

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T in the Park 2002

Show Date: July 16, 2002

When April (our San Francisco Imaginary Girl correspondent) and I bought our T in the Park tickets back in February, we had no idea who was going to be on the bill. It was like crap shoot — except what did we really have to lose? Even if the line-up was full of crappy bands, […]

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