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The 2011 Sasquatch bill is un-frack-withable

{Sasquatch photo by asclepius6 from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool} Do you hear that? It is the sound of folks feverishly tweeting and posting about the amazing #Sasquatch line-up just announced. After weeks (who are we kidding, months!) of mathematically calculating probabilities based on tour schedules and record release dates, we finally have a firm […]

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A plea to Bob Pollard

I'll start by admitting I'm a fan of Guided by Voices, their shitcan rusty 4-track lofi era as well as their "professional" production era. Bob Pollard is a glorious drunken mess, he writes 2-minute pop songs that are forcefully incoherent and littered with enough awkwardly linked metaphors and symbolic free association to make Beck scratch […]

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