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TIG's Inauguration Celebration Countdown. 1 day: H is for Hellgate

TIG's Inauguration Celebration is, my dear God, tomorrow night. I can not possibly be more excited about the kick-ass levels of rock and roll being played Tuesday night with H is for Hellgate, Friday Mile, Benjamin Bear and Ed Wang. I'm excited about the dawn of the Obama Presidency, about this excellent poster by my friend Imaginary […]

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Best of 2008: Top Northwest Releases of 2008 TIG Editorial Picks

TIG staffers are a lot like you — coming up with our list of faves for the year is a fun and gripping process. After comparing/contrasting/debating our individual favorites, we figured the sum of our imaginary parts would make for an interesting list. While ChrisB and Keenan, among other things, brought in the power-pop elements,  […]

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Fests are upon us: Part 1: Georgetown Music Festival

Summertime in Seattle means nothing if not music festivals. While Bumbershoot and the Capitol Hill Block Party have grown to astronomical (read as: huge touring bands) proportions, The Georgetown Music Festival is keeping it local as can be, with a preliminary lineup of loads of Seattle- (and a few Portland) based bands prepared to rock […]

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H is for Hellgate


Although I pretty much agree with the line (which I think came from Elvis Costello) that an artist has twenty years to make his first record and six months to make his second, I generally don't enjoy reviewing debut albums. Unless you’re Liz Phair or the Clash, chances are it’s not going to be your […]

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