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Happy birthday, Sub Pop! Fave 20 releases of all time

It's a common practice among music critics and fans alike to make lists. Here, in tribute to the Seattle label's 20 years of not going out of business, are my favorite 20 releases from Sub Pop from the past two decades. I encourage you to check out their catalog and provide yours, too. For my […]

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More Endfest photos {this time with snarky commentary!}

While Imaginary Chona did an AMAZING job with her Endfest 2007 coverage, Eduardo Brambila also got some positively stellar shots from the all-day festival. We emailed back and forth about some of the shots and performances, and I thought I'd share a few of the images and precious comments with all of you… Paramore Eduardo: […]

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Happy Sweet 16 Endfest! {page 2}

Show Date: September 22, 2007

****************************************** Endfest 2007: Page 1 >> | Page 2 | Page 3 >> ****************************************** Ok, ok. Oh man! Minus the Bear — one of my favorites! Ever since catching these guys earlier in the year at Sasquatch, I’ve been hooked. The crazy Knudson tapping solos, time changes, and romantic lyrics are almost too much for […]

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Kanye vs. 50 Cent: It's a KO for Kanye

Well, I'm a little behind schedule with my Billboard Album Chart update thanks to spending the last 3 days looking at auriferous gravels in the Sierran foothills. So, here it is: As all pronogsticators said, Kanye West's Graduation beat the crap out of 50 Cent's Curtis (probably the only venue where Kanye West could beat […]

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