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Labrador 100 – A Complete History Of Popular Music


When Sarah Records had their 100th record (actually just the 100th single), they held a huge party, a series of concerts, and shut down the label. Labrador Records of Sweden, who have been compared to Sarah, just released a 4 CD box set, and are carrying on, and on, and on. Not that Labrador is […]

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The Stereo Future, Big Collapse, No Means Yes, and Irene

Show Date: July 28, 2004

With the whirlwind that is our imaginary lives — hoping for a new President, working our day jobs, and posting CD reviews, oh my! — it's refreshing to show up on a weeknight at Graceland to see four unknown {to us} bands. It's the adventure of it all, really, or as Char's imaginary date du […]

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