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Did you make your Sasquatch! schedule yet? Here's our picks!

It seems crazy to be talking about it already, but ready or not, 2012's Sasquatch! Music Festival is right around the corner! Next weekend, in fact, we'll be packing up our cars and celebrating the impending start of summer by spending a long weekend in the sun, poring over four days of band schedules and […]

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Totally legit: Sasquatch! 2012 lineup announced

In the throes of a killer party at the Neptune last night, we were thrilled beyond belief to find out the details on another most excellent year for the Sasquatch! music festival, taking place out at the Gorge on Memorial Day weekend {May 25-28}. Sasquatch! is by far one of our favorite fests every year, […]

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My red and white tears, shed for the official breakup of The White Stripes

[video:] The news just broke that the White Stripes are no longer. Even casual acquaintances of mine might assume I’m drowning in red and white tears over “the end” of one of my favorite groups. I am a little. But actually I’m slightly relieved because nothing stings more than a beloved band going the way […]

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Anyone get a Triple Decker Record today?

[video:]   My video addiction this week hasn’t been a video for a song but a video about a vinyl record single. Each time I watch it, I’m more intrigued, baffled, and hungry to get my hands on a copy of a Triple Decker Record. Anyone in Nashville want to run down to their local […]

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