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Japanther and Champagne Champagne at The Comet, New Year's Day style

Show Date: January 1, 2010

Japanther shows are pure fist-pumping fun. The Brooklyn duo, consisting of Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly, ripped through a spicy set at the Comet, New Year’s Day, with Champagne, Champagne, They Live! and Hair Envelope. If you missed it or couldn’t snag a ticket because it was very sold out, check out the fuzzed-out photos […]

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Best of 2007: Kyle Johnson’s top 10 songs

I normally listen to music while driving/riding my bike/working. During any of these activities, my mixes are super random and I’m a big fan of Shuffle mode on the iPod. Instead of listing off albums, I decided to share ten of my favorites songs from 2007, both local or otherwise. It was a great year […]

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