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Top 50 Imaginary keywords this month

Ever wonder how people come to find Three Imaginary Girls? I like to geek out over such things, and happily, Google Analytics provides me with all the keyword deets I need. Some of the search terms were predictable (like, um, "three imaginary girls" as the top hit). And we always see a good number of […]

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Jenni Potts

On stage, Jenni Potts sounds exactly like her debut EP, The Fourth, out on Clickpop Records. She doesn’t strain or even look up much. Her head is down, her long legs folded up under her, her foot barely moving to the strum of her guitar. She’s been through a lot, is still trying to figure […]

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Best of 2007: ChrisB's Top 10 Northwest releases

OK, the rain has let up a bit but I’m still not anxious to leave the apartment yet. Here’s my 10 favorite local albums from 2007, complete with YouTube-y goodness – as best I could find it. (I’m sure there’ll be some continuity issues with the scores I’ve assigned – I wrote the reviews for four of the albums below. This […]

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The Fourth


“What came first, the music or the misery?” asks John Cusack’s character Rob at the beginning of High Fidelity. For Jenni Potts, a twenty-year old singer-songwriter from Bellingham, the answer is clearly the latter. She has taken the misery plus angst, depression, denial, and uncertainty, and rolled it into one very compelling record. The Fourth […]

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