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Andrew’s Favorite Albums and Concerts of 2017

2017 was a fairly┬árough year all around for many of us, mostly due to the current political situation, however, it ended up being quite a memorable year in music. This is certainly one of the primary factors that helped us get through it. For me, the year started out slow in regards to music, but […]

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Top 10 Songs about Sweets

Being all pregnant as I am, there are many things I enjoy but most avoid (booze, sushi, brie, caffeine, excessive late nights out, waaaah! Now I'm getting depressed!). But one thing I can have in abundance is sweets. Which is good, as I have a huge sweet tooth. Which got me thinking: Why aren't there […]

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1987 Was a Beautiful Year

KEXP uber-DJ John in the Morning just completed a wondrous feat: an hour and a half of music all straight outta 1987. At first I thought myself caught in a timewarp, and then I wondered aloud "who died?" Turns out he was simply fulfilling a listener's request to hear some tunes from '87. Talk about […]

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