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It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes Jim Noir's self-titled second album so catchy. It's not the jingly guitars or bouncy keys that make you want to keep spinning the disc, nor is it the album's pastiche of classic 60s surf rock mixed with spacey new wave. That's all fantastic, but the glue holding it […]

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A Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash!

Three Imaginary Girls, Barsuk Records, and Sub Pop Records present a Very Merry Imaginary Karaoke Bash featuring members of Math & Physics Club, Iceage Cobra, Head Like a Kite, Schoolyard Heroes, Speaker Speaker, Kane Hodder, Optimus Rhyme, the Pale Pacific, the Elephants, We Wrote the Book on Connectors, The Trucks, A Gun That Shoots Knives, […]

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