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Bring back the sun (??!!) with Imaginary Amie's Summer Mixtape

Ahhh….summer. There’s nothing quite like cranking up a bouncy, happy song on a sunny day – whether you’re in a car with the top down, or taking a sunshiny sidewalk stroll with your earphones firmly in place. Sadly, once again this summer,  the sunny days in Seattle have been few and far between (Hello, July?). Here’s […]

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Christmas Doldrums come early to the charts

So, it seems like we've hit the end-of-the-year/Christmas doldrums a little early this year when it comes to record releases. This week's Billboard charts are littered with greatest hits albums, Christmas albums, live albums and such fun. In fact, Bruce Springsteen was able to regain his #1 spot after taking some time away. Beyond that, […]

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