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making the move to El Corazon official

A Look Back at the 2007 Imaginary Holiday Spectacular that Almost Never Was

10 years ago we hosted one of our more memorable Three Imaginary Girls holiday parties {although, I’m sure you agree they have ALL been amazing!}. The weeks leading up to the 2007 TIG holiday party were just as we had hoped/planned: We had gathered a line-up of folks on the bill who we couldn’t believe […]

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Best of 2007: imaginary Dana's picks

I have so many favorites for 2007 that narrowing the lists was tricky. Plus I’m preggo as a house and have NO memory at this point, so I’m sure I’ve inadvertently omitted some really great releases and songs. Forgive me and my wacked out hormones. But that said, here are some Top of 2007 lists […]

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At El Corazon TONIGHT: Indie-Rock Santa, holiday hilarity, and our favorite bands gathered for a good cause

Join us at El Corazon TONIGHT for an evening chock full of holiday hilarity, performances by our favorite bands, Indie-Rock Santa John Roderick with all proceeds from the evening going to (a local charity benefiting foster children). And just announced, our friend Rick at Seattle Show Posters will be on hand with some limited edition, screenprinted show […]

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TIG presents: Imaginary Holiday Goodness with Tullycraft, Rachel Flotard, Jon Rauhouse, Your Favorite Book and lots of friends

The imaginary holidays are here! Three Imaginary has pulled together a few of our favorite folks to mark this special time of year and raise money for a great cause. You can even get your picture taken with Indie Rock Santa John Roderick (of the Long Winters). Join us Thursday, Dec 20, 2007 at the […]

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New venue for Thursday's Imaginary Holiday Party… El Corazon to the rescue!

In the wake of sadness that is the closing of the Crocodile, I've found a bright spot: the generosity, and quickstep of El Corazon to sweep in and help figure out how to host our show on such short notice. It's official! Our BIG Thursday night show has been moved from the Crocodile (RIP) to […]

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All I want for the holidays is…

The holidays are coming! More than that, my birthday is coming! To mark the multiple days of celebration, Three Imaginary Girls is hosting a show next week – Thursday, December 20th at the Crocodile. Being the birthday girl provided me with the honor of being able to pack the bill with some of my favorite […]

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Steel Guitar Heart Attack


Excluding enthusiasts, an album consisting of purely guitar instrumentals can get old real fast. Even though I possess an amateur proficiency on the instrument and think that it has contributed as much to the world as, say, electricity, I must admit that I was a little skeptical of Jon Rauhouse’s Steel Guitar Heart Attack. Never […]

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The Imaginary SXSW 2007 Report: Day 4

Show Date: March 17, 2007

With Monsters Are Waiting, The Pipettes, The Fratellis, Jon Rauhouse, Rachel Flotard, The Blakes, Turbo Fruits, Prototypes, Junior Senior, and Nicole Atkins and the Sea. To kick off the final day of SXSW 2007, we knew — even before we left Seattle — that we wanted to hit the NY2LON party at Habana Calle 6. […]

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Three SXSW teaser shots from Three Imaginary Girls

Liz and I had an *incredible* time at SXSW 2007. Since we're running a teensy bit slow on getting our write-ups online (being that we're in the mad last minute throes of launching a brand new website!!), we thought we'd share a few of the stunning images from the event we've gotten from photographer Kaley […]

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