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Boating with Clyde

Bumbershoot 2014: Best single Bumbershoot day ever?

No need for a loping intro to this one. For future reference, this is what happened on Sunday, August 31st at the Seattle Center. For a slobbering, no-good-for-shore music fan of many decades like me, it gives full on braingasm to try to wrap my skull walnut around it. These blurbs will be reasonably tight […]

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Rad bands for a great cause: the NFTN 2010 lineup

{photo credit: the lovely Laura Musselman, courtesy of our imaginary flickr pool} Now that we’re all done with Sasquatch, it’s time to set our sights on the next raddest lineup to hit the west coast: it’s Noise for the Needy, 2010 edition. There’s close to seventy-five bands and djs playing a baker’s dozen of venues […]

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Gigi: Mirah, Karl Blau, Rose Melberg, and more make awesome 60's pop record

{press photo} Reading press releases at work has it’s downfall. If you read something really awesome, it’s hard to not react too much or look too excited. Case in point when I found out about Maintenant, the premier release by (the mostly Canadian) Gigi – a “supergroup” of sorts, with songs written in the classic […]

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IG Shrie's Top Ten Plus Plus!

2008 was an interesting musical, and personal, year for me. I listened to a lot of indie rock, electronica and went to a shit-ton of shows (one of which was the best I've ever seen, thanks Of Montreal). I got engaged, interned at two places, continued working full time and started going to school part […]

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Tonight Karl Blau opens For Mt. Eerie at the Vera Project

Secretly famous veteran of D+ and Phil Elverum collaborator and Kelp Lunacy music subscription creator and subterranean legend of Anacortes Karl Blau comes to Seattle tonight to play the Vera Project opening for Mt. Eerie (also on the bill is Your Heart Breaks and Madeline Adams). Blau records and tours with Laura Veirs, but also […]

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Joining us back in the NW from NY

The Northwest had been missing one of our eclectic K Records artists, but after some time in New York, Karl Blau has come back to his home in Anacortes, WA. Colin Meloy-anxiety-issues-related reasons for Decemberists' cancellations left Blau less a major planned tour, yet he still enjoyed the show scene in and around New York […]

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The Imaginary Live Show Rundown

Show Date: August 31, 2005

Featuring BOAT, the Elephants, Calvin Johnson, The Decemberists, The Long Winters, and more {thru 8/31/06} As expected — last Monday (August 22) was a late night. Boat headlined a night worth missing a good night's sleep over.   It was a wonderful and late night indeed. Before we launch into the details (The Elephants! Boat!), […]

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