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Best news of the day: Theo from Nana Grizol in Seattle June 29th

It’s no secret that we here at Three Imaginary Girls LOVE Nana Grizol. The magical twitter birds happened to post this news today: June 29th at the Mine (5113 Russell Ave NW) Defiance, OH (Theo NG’s other band) Kimya Dawson Your Heart Breaks Theo Grizol (his solo sets are so magical!) Chin Up, Meriwether 8pm […]

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Best photos of the Block Party 2008

We’re still reeling from the rock and roll madness that was the Capitoll Hill Block Party this weekend. We have so many great words and photos from all the great shows, which you can read here. We’ve pulled out a few of our favorite photos for a quick view of the amazing weekend. Here are […]

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Kimya Dawson & the Old Haunts

Show Date: August 23, 2007

The Old Haunts almost ruined the show on August 23rd for Kimya Dawson, at least for me. No, the local band didn't trash the stage or run off all the fans, quite the contrary in fact — they nearly stole the spotlight from the headliner. Forget blending genres to create a new sound, an endless […]

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Short attention span songs

I love it when folks get right to the point. Got a hook? Give it to me right away! No need to noodle around and skirt around the chorus – hop to it! Finally, a podcast that fulfills my need for instant gratification. Since the folks at Not Quite Rocket Science began their podcasting a […]

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No Parachute: A Compilation Of Indie Music Videos


This is easily the best compilation of current various independent rock bands I have seen. That said, one must admit that there aren't that many indie video compilations anymore anyways. The rock video seemed to become passe in the music underground with the rise of turgid emo-pop and tepid R&B-based promotional pabulum spread over the […]

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