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Best Northwest Releases of 2005: Top 100 Readers' Poll Winners

You voted, we tabulated. Here’s a print-ready list of the top 100 Pacific Northwest releases of the year for your post-holiday-gift-certificate shopping pleasure… {50-41} * {40-31} * {30-21} * {20-11} * {10-1} {top 100} * {imaginary picks} Death Cab for Cutie — Plans {review} Tullycraft — Disenchanted Hearts Unite {review} The Decemberists — Picaresque {review} […]

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AstroPOP! for May 2005

Your monthly imaginary horoscope told in album reviews! May 2005 AstroPOP! is brought to you with musical reviews by igDana, stella, dreamerseven, and imaginary marcel, as well as special astrological input by Imaginary Boy Lorenzo. Aries Money looks a lot like love this month Aries, and love can look a lot like money. Likewise, on […]

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TIG on KEXP for March 2005

Saturday March 5th, Three Imaginary Girls had another guest appearance on KEXP's local Northwest music show, Audioasis. Then igLiz went and got the flu and pneumonia two days before. Luckily, imaginary film and theater critic embracey was at the ready, filling in with his witty banter. {Side note: this was the *worst night* in indie-rock […]

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Top 50 Northwest Releases of 2004: the Imaginary Readers' Poll Results {50-41}

#50 Argo — Jetpacks for Everyone (Ana-Them Records) {official website} * {buy it} * {tig review}   #49 The Purrs — No Particular Bar, No Particular Town (self-released) {official website} * {buy it}   #48 Rochester Fosgate — Rochester Fosgate (Smooth Excavator) {official website} * {buy it} *   #47 These Arms Are Snakes — […]

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Three Imaginary Girls to Host Second Annual Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction Bash

Seattle, WA, May 13, 2004 — You've seen William Hung sing 'She Bangs' and George W. Bush sing 'Gay Bar.' But have you seen Sean Nelson sing 'Like a Virgin?' You could., "Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press," will be hosting a Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction Bash on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at the Crocodile […]

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Show Date: December 4, 2003

Bre Loughlin's {lead singer/siren of Kuma} costuming* always proves to be as exhilarating as her voice. Tonight's show was no exception. On stage, Bre looked devastating, controlled, doll-like, strong, mesmerized and mesmerizing all at once. Oh, and the people in the audience that talk while Kuma is on stage? You all should be charged a […]

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TIG's Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Contest!!

Show Date: August 30, 2003

Holy Aquanet, who would've thought that a buttrock event on a holiday weekend could have become such a smashing success?? With surprise rockstar performances, hottie rockstars in black liquid eyeliner, and TIG-endorsed drink specials a-flowin', we had the imaginary times of our lives, and we can't wait to tell you all about it… But first, […]

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Three Imaginary Girls Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Party

You loved the karaoke party. You loved it so much… …that we're throwing another rockstar karaoke party, but we can't do it without our beloved imaginary friends. Not convinced? Our theme will certainly change your mind: We're having a buttrock rockstar karaoke party. So, dust off your imaginary air guitar and start growing out your […]

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Show Date: August 9, 2003

My stars, Kuma! Kuma were grandoise. They took the stage exquisite, bold, and flaming red, flouting drama and passion to our town that normally thrives on the understated, and stunned the teaming pre-Halou crowd with their unique goth-Siouxsie flavored electronica. With red flowers in her hair {and a red satin dress cut up to there}, […]

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