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AstroPOP! for January 2004

Imaginary rock and roll astrology CD reviews by Chilly C for January 2004 Capricorn {December 22-January 19} Your ill will towards the romantically smitten has reached alarming proportions. Your Imaginary New Year's Resolution for 2004: negate the hate, and learn to love the love. It's ok to be suspicious at first: on their double-cd fantasia […]

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Layman's Terms

Show Date: July 8, 2003

I love happy accidents. No, not the movie, silly…the phenomenon known as happy accidents. Driven by an intriguing band name alone, I rushed over to Second Avenue Pizza directly after work to review Take One for the Team. Upon arrival, I discovered TOFTT weren't performing. Layman's Terms were filling the spot instead. Oh! One cool […]

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