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SIFF 2013 Preview: Face the Music

Hello, Imaginaries! This year’s Face the Music program at the Seattle International Film Festival contains some music documentaries I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!! You can buy passes to SIFF now, and inividual tickets go on sale this week on Thursday, 5/2. And so, let us (stage) dive in: First up: a few special events put […]

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Countdown to the Royal Wedding! Let's talk {indie-rock} royal couples

The world is a buzz with Royal Wedding chatter… and I am all for it. I love talking about royal matchings, probably because of all my fond memories of the glory days when Damon {Albarn of Blur} and Justine {Frischmann of Elastica} ruled the Britpop scene. These days I get to fantasize of the regal […]

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MEN are coming back to Seattle on Tuesday

Last time MEN came through town, they were a DJ duo of JD Samson and Johanna Fateman – basically Le Tigre sans Kathleen Hanna. Since then, they’ve expanded and started making their own music. The press release I had gotten says: MEN is a Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of […]

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This Island


This Island is the first LP from Le Tigre in what seems like an eternity (2001's Feminist Sweepstakes was the most recent). It's the first record they've released on a major label (their previous home, Mr. Lady Records, folded earlier this year) and it's their most accessible. It's also, unfortunately, their worst release to date […]

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