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New Lily Allen video: 22

When the new TIG layout was created, a special category was created called “crushes,” which I assume means that I’m supposed to use it to post new Lily Allen videos when they become available. This video is for the song “22”, one of the catchier, moralizing songs from her fantastic album It’s Not Me, It’s […]

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It's Not Me, It's You


In the United States,we like our celebrities to be perfect so we can revel in their flaws when they cease to be. The Olympic champion Michael Phelps achieved a perfect eight Gold Medals at the Beijing Olympics this past summer but the moralist echo chamber went into fast effect when he was photographed smoking marijuana […]

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Lily Allen covers The Clash with Mick Jones, Hold Steady covers Bruce…

I know we just got done with the 2008 lists, but this one's clamoring for my top compilation spot for '09 already! Not only is the track list out of the stratosphere, but a portion of the proceeds go to charity, too. Read on (bracketed emphasis mine, obvi): WAR CHILD ANNOUNCE HEROES FULL TRACK LIST […]

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