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100 words, erm… 848 words about seven bands!

Show Date: May 16, 2003

"Broadcast Oblivion, Visqueen, the Fitness, Cex, the Postal Service, Lloyd's Rocket and Johnny Marr and the Healers. {April-May 2003}" Once again, we saw more bands play than we had time to write about. We attempted to adhere to our 100 words per article practice, but also, we've fallen off the minimalist wagon a bit. So […]

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Lloyds Rocket

Show Date: March 10, 2003

Is indie finally ready to ROCK? I've seen mounting evidence recently pointing to a resounding HELL YEAH!!!! Take March 10, 2003. While listening to KEXP that fine afternoon, I couldn't help noting a strong eighties influenced (dare I say this…?) butt-rocking going on. Yes, you heard me right — though I disbelieved, and had to […]

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