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From the annals of "Whatever happened to…" We bring you… Remember 1995? Remember Maxinquaye — that ground-breaking, genre-defining trip-hop classic debut from Tricky? Remember Martina's haunting vocals on tracks like "Overcome," "Black Steel," and "Aftermath" and the next two Tricky albums? If not, please rectify before reading on… That taken care of… Almost nine years […]

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Best of 2003: Your #1 Album Picks of the Year

Although some folks couldn’t rank their lists {igChar}… which is fine… you know… if you just can’t bear to proclaim to the world, “THIS WAS THE BEST FUCKING ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!” but some of us could. And albums that have such an exclamation bestowed on them deserve a special note. So here they are… […]

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