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Fests are upon us: Part 2: Noise for the Needy

Noise for the Needy is a local non-profit that sponsors a yearly music showcase in Seattle to benefit a charity. This year the event will benefit Rise 'N Shine, an organization that provides emotional support programs, stability, advocacy, and AIDS education for children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. The organization is as worthy […]

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The Imaginary SXSW 2007 Report: Day 3

Show Date: March 16, 2007

With Matt & Kim, Dark Meat, Spindrift, Emma Pollack, the Twilight Sad, Paolo Nutini, the Fratellis, Amy Winehouse, the Zebras, the Manhattan Love Suicides, BOAT, the Faintest Ideas, Tullycraft Day three of SXSW began with sustenance. We knew we had big days (Matt & Kim, The Fratellis, the Twilight Sad) and even bigger nights (Amy […]

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Matt & Kim


Ecologically speaking, a "niche" refers to a "relational position of a species or population in an ecosystem." In a way, you can look at all of indie rock as one big, rockin' ecosystem, where some species thrive (e.g., Modest Mouse, the Shins, Built to Spill) and some falter (e.g., any number of bands you'll never […]

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