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Recommended Show(s) + free tickets: Matthew Sweet Girlfriend Tour at The Triple Door {4/25-26}

If you listened to radio at all in the 90s, you couldn't escape hearing Matthew Sweet's swirling guitar-filled, gets-stuck-in-your-head, bouncy hit "Girlfriend". And if you were a genuine power pop lover, you toted around the Girlfriend album like it was pure gold, shuffling the tape or CD from your car to your boom box, sticking […]

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Songs from The Bigtop


I suppose it must be nice to be a one-man show. Devon Reed, the creator of the movie Bigtop, not only wrote, directed and starred in the movie, but he took it upon himself to write all the songs on the darn soundtrack as well. Now, this would all be just a point of interest […]

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"Wild" by Matthew Sweet

Ok folks, today I'm cheating. This is not the first song that popped up. Instead, this is the song that I've listened to about 100 times so far this morning. Why? Somehow, someway, it has become the unintentional theme song for my last few weeks watching the Red Sox win the World Series (again … […]

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